Wazifa for marriage in islam

Wazifa for marriage in islam

Wazifa for marriage in islam , ” The nikah or marriage and pairing are of the wazifa that allah has passed for his creatures. Pairing applies in general to animal and vegetation. As for man, allah has creation by assinging to him a suitable system wherby man’s dignity and honor may be maintained, and his esteem may be preserved through legal marriage. Wazifa for marriage. Such a procedure secures a relationship between man and woman that is based on mutual respect and consent. Wazifa for marriage in islam. Thus man’s natural needs are fulfulled in a sound manner to preserve posterity and protect woman from being a common object.

Wazifa to marriage is a healthy environment in wich the family maintains its cohesiveness and reciprocal love. It also helps maintain chastity and guards one from committing the prohibited. Wazifa for Marriage is the best means of reproduction and multiplication, and preserving the family lineage. It is recommended to marrya a woman who is religious, virgin, fertile, and beautiful.

Wazifa for marriage is praiseworthy for a man to see the woman whom he intends to marry when she is accompanied by members of her family. She too has the right of looking at him for the same purpose. Many people give importance to beauty, wealth and genealogy. Powerful wazifa for quick marriage. This is fine except when they are given priority over faith. Faith is the most important criterion in the choice of a spouse, And just as men are advised to make a good choice for a bride, The parents or guardians of the girl should also consider the right choice for their daughter. It is disappointing that people ask many questions about how much a man earns and what kind of house he will provide for his wife but do not care to ask about the state of his faith. The principle in marriage is faith.



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