Jinn ko kese kabu me kare

jinn  ko kese kabu kare
jinn ko kese kabu kare

Besides being a pious, a Muslim spiritual healer should have a good niyaah or intention too. Unfortunately, some quacks have entered the field of spiritual healing with the sole aim of fooling people for their own benefit. Some of these fraudsters transcend the limits set by Islam when it comes to healing their patients, especially the womenfolk. Ruqyah, as most of us know, is a form of spiritual healing in which the Quranic verses are recited by the Raaqi. After the recitation the Raaqi blows his breathe over the patient. This is the simple way in which Ruqyah is allowed in Islam. Unfortunately, a lot of black magicians and fraudsters have also entered this field and they have changed the Islamic way of performing a Ruqyah. As a result of this many Satanic, corrupt and sinful practices have made their way into this field. The simple blowing of breathe over a female patient after recitation of the Quranic verses has been replaced by touching the body of the woman. In some cases, naïve women are asked to expose their affected body parts for a better cure. Moreover, asking women to come for a Ruqyah session, without a male escort is not less than a crime in Islam. According to a hadith, ‘A man and a woman are never alone together, except that Satan is a third party with them’. Therefore, it is essential from the Islamic point of view that during a Ruqyah session a woman should come along with her male guardian.

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